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DOUG & Family

Doug and his  family have lived in the Clear Lake community for about 40 years, after moving to the area to work at NASA Johnson Space Center. His wife Randa and daughters Kaitlan, Kelly and Ally have lived in same Bay Forest neighborhood for 30- years and have been involved in a variety of community activities including school, scouts, and sports. The girls all graduated from Clear Lake High while Doug worked long hours at JSC and joined in political and environmental activities. His family has a political orientation and discussing issues and campaigns has always been at the kitchen table.

Having worked at NASA since 1982 until retirement in 2015, Doug has been passionate about human exploration of space. In addition, he has worked in External Relations, Public Affairs, New Initiatives and Exploration Programs, after an initial beginning in Human Resources. Later, Doug spent about a year and half in Washington D.C. working at NASA HQ and the Science Committee and Space Sub-Committee in U.S. Congress. While leading numerous political organizations and helping start the Exploration Green Conservancy, Doug decided to retire a bit early to follow his political passions. He ran for Houston city council, worked for campaigns in Houston, Texas and Iowa and worked for Exploration Green nearly full-time.


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